Astralis Talent vs Illuminar Gaming

13/12/2023 - 9:00 am UTC
Astralis Talent

Astralis Talent

2023 United21 Season 9 – Bracket - UB Quarterfinal

Best of 3

Illuminar Gaming

Illuminar Gaming

Match Details

Get ready for an intense matchup in the Counter-Strike tournament of the year! The 2023 United21 Season 9 is heating up as Astralis Talent takes on Illuminar Gaming in the Bracket - UB Quarterfinal stage. This Best of 3 format promises to deliver thrilling gameplay and jaw-dropping moments as two powerhouse teams battle it out for a chance to advance further in the tournament. Will Astralis Talent showcase their exceptional skills and strategic prowess? Or can Illuminar Gaming prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with? Tune in to witness this epic clash between two formidable contenders and find out who will come out on top. Don't miss a moment of the action on our website as we bring you all the latest updates and results from this highly anticipated match.


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