forZe vs BetBoom

08/02/2024 - 6:30 pm UTC


2024 Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu – Closed Qualifier - Closed Qualifier Lower

Best of 3



Match Details

Dive into an intense esports battle with the closed qualifier lower stage match of the 2024 Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu tournament, pitting forZe against BetBoom. The high-octane game, Counter-Strike, serves as the battlefield, where each team tests their skills and strategies in a best-of-three format. With both teams boasting formidable track records and remarkable talent, spectators are guaranteed a showdown packed with tactical genius, adrenaline-fueled action and unanticipated turns. Whichever team secures two wins first advances further, escalating the excitement. Don't miss this captivating contest between two formidable Counter-Strike powerhouses, forZe and BetBoom, at one of the year's most anticipated esports events.


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