huge sweaty vs MIGHT

16/01/2024 - 11:00 pm UTC
huge sweaty

huge sweaty

2024 Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu – Open Qualifier 1 - Open Qualifier 1 Quarterfinal

Best of 1



Match Details

Coming up in the intense battleground of Counter-Strike, we have an electrifying match in the 2024 Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu tournament. As part of the Open Qualifier 1 Quarterfinals, Team 1, known for their fierce and dominating gameplay, will be going head-to-head against Team 2, a rising force that has made their mark in the esports scene. Brace yourself for an explosive encounter as both teams fight tooth and nail in this Best of 1 format match, leaving no room for mistakes. The stakes are high, and with their spot in the tournament on the line, expect nothing short of an adrenaline-filled showcase of skill and strategy. Tune in to witness the clash of giants in the making as these esports powerhouses battle it out for glory.


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