LOADING- vs Sprout

12/01/2024 - 8:45 pm UTC


2024 PGL Major Copenhagen European RMR A – Open Qualifier 3 - Open Qualifier 3 Round of 32

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Best of 1



Match Details

Get ready for an intense showdown in the Counter-Strike arena as LOADING- takes on Sprout in the Open Qualifier 3 Round of 32 of the 2024 PGL Major Copenhagen European RMR A tournament! Both teams have fought their way through the ranks to reach this stage, and now they face off in a Best of 1 battle for a chance to move forward. With everything on the line, expect fireworks as these skilled teams showcase their strategic prowess, precise aim, and unrivaled teamwork. Will LOADING- secure their spot in the next round, or will Sprout prove to be the ultimate hurdle in their path to victory? Tune in to witness the excitement and see which team will emerge triumphant in this thrilling clash of talent and determination.


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