M80 vs BOSS

20/01/2024 - 2:35 am UTC


2024 Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu – Closed Qualifier - Closed Qualifier LB Final

Best of 3



Match Details

Get ready for an intense battle in the Closed Qualifier LB Final of the 2024 Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu tournament in Counter-Strike! M80 and BOSS, two formidable teams, are set to clash in a nail-biting Best of 3 series. Both teams have fought their way through the competition to reach this crucial stage, and only one can advance further. Prepare for explosive gameplay and strategic maneuvers as M80 and BOSS go head-to-head, leaving it all on the line for a chance to secure their spot in the next phase of the tournament. Tune in and witness the adrenaline-pumping action as these teams battle it out for esports supremacy. Who will come out on top and secure a step closer to victory? Don't miss a moment of the excitement on our website as we bring you all the latest updates and results from this thrilling match-up.


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