SAW vs The Agency Clan

01/02/2024 - 5:45 pm UTC


RTP Arena Spring Cup 2024 – Group A - Group A Losers' Match

Best of 1

The Agency Clan

The Agency Clan

Match Details

In a thrilling stand-off at the RTP Arena Spring Cup 2024, Team SAW battles it out with The Agency Clan during the Group A Losers' Match. As each team faces elimination, this pulse-pounding best-of-one match promises non-stop action. Watch as every bullet counts in epic Counter-Strike showcases of tactical coordination, precision aiming, and individual heroics. With a combination of strategic planning and raw skill, this match will demonstrate true gaming resilience, as both teams navigate the challenges of this high-stakes competition. Be prepared to get your adrenaline pumping in this thrilling demonstration of elite Counter-Strike gameplay.


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