From Ruins to Ranks: A Counter Strike Anubis Strategy Guide

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Introduction to Counter Strike Anubis

Standing as a significant addition to the CS:GO map repertoire, Counter Strike Anubis offers a unique blend of strategic complexity and aesthetic appeal. Themed around an Egyptian archaeological site, it provides a fresh tactical battleground distinct from other maps in the pool. Anubis encourages players to adapt to its layout, pushing the boundaries of traditional gameplay and strategy formulation within the vibrant settings of ancient Egypt.

The introduction of Anubis to the competitive scene marks a pivotal moment for CS:GO, challenging players to navigate its novel terrain. The map’s detailed design, coupled with its strategic depth, demands a comprehensive understanding and innovative approach to gameplay. As teams and individual players explore Anubis, they uncover new strategies and gameplay mechanics, enriching the overall competitive experience and adding a layer of complexity to the game’s strategic landscape.

Understanding Anubis’s Layout

The T-Side Strategy

Anubis offers Terrorists a playground of tactical possibilities, with its layout promoting a variety of attack strategies. The emphasis on controlling mid as a means to dictate the pace and direction of the game cannot be understated. Successful mid control opens avenues to both A and B sites, enabling Terrorists to execute well-coordinated fakes and splits. Particularly, the unique water position near A Site offers a vantage point for utility play, allowing Terrorists to set the stage for explosive site takes or deceptive fakes.

This diversified approach to site takes demands that Terrorist teams possess a versatile playbook and a keen sense of timing. Successfully exploiting the map’s layout requires not just mechanical skill but a deep strategic understanding. Teams must be adept at reading their opponents and making quick decisions based on the state of play. Anubis rewards creativity and flexibility, offering a canvas for teams to express their strategic identity.

The CT-Side Defense

Counter-Terrorists face the challenging task of anticipating and countering the Terrorists’ multifaceted strategies. Adopting a fluid defense capable of responding to the Terrorists’ maneuvers across the map is crucial. Effective utility usage at A Site, for instance, can be the difference between thwarting a site take and being overrun. Similarly, maintaining control of Mid is essential for supporting teammates at B Site, requiring a delicate balance of aggression and restraint.

The intricate dance of defense on Anubis necessitates a proactive approach to information gathering and resource management. Counter-Terrorists must excel at using their utility judiciously to disrupt Terrorist plans while remaining vigilant against potential rotations and fakes. Mastery of Anubis from the CT side involves not just individual prowess but a cohesive team effort, where communication and coordination are the keys to securing and maintaining map control.

Advanced Strategies and Callouts

The path to mastery on Anubis is laden with the need for precise callouts and a strategic understanding of the map’s nuances. Each area of the map, from Water to Heaven, carries its own set of tactical implications, necessitating detailed knowledge for effective play. Advanced strategies often revolve around the creative use of smokes, flashes, and molotovs to gain an edge, whether for taking sites or denying enemy advances.

In this complex web of corridors and open spaces, the capacity to innovate and adapt mid-round becomes a defining trait of successful teams. Anubis encourages players to think on their feet, using the map’s layout to orchestrate unexpected plays and counter-strategies. As players delve deeper into the map’s tactical possibilities, they discover a rich tapestry of plays that can be tailored to their team’s strengths and their opponents’ weaknesses.

Anubis Compared to Other Maps

Anubis differentiates itself from legacy maps like Dust II not only through its visual theme but also through its gameplay dynamics. While it shares the T-sided bias seen in its predecessors, its intricate layout and numerous pathways offer a fresh tactical experience. This complexity enriches the strategic play, demanding a higher level of map knowledge and team coordination for successful navigation.

The introduction of Anubis into the map pool injects a dose of innovation into the game, prompting players and teams to expand their tactical repertoire. The map’s distinct characteristics encourage a reevaluation of established strategies and the development of new approaches to both offense and defense. As the community continues to explore Anubis, it’s likely that the map will evolve further, shaped by the collective ingenuity of its players.

Player Perspectives and Professional Insights

The professional CS:GO community’s reception of Anubis reflects a blend of anticipation and skepticism. While some embrace the map for its potential to diversify the competitive landscape, others view its departure from traditional layouts with caution. The simplicity of Anubis’s structure belies a deeper strategic depth, challenging teams to evolve their gameplay continually. Professional insights into the map often highlight its capacity for dynamic play, underscoring the importance of adaptability and strategic foresight.

As the map becomes more integrated into competitive play, it will be fascinating to observe how professional teams exploit its unique features. Anubis not only tests players’ tactical acumen but also their ability to innovate and adapt to new challenges. The evolving strategies and counter-strategies employed on Anubis will undoubtedly contribute to the richness of the competitive CS:GO scene, offering spectators and players alike a window into the strategic evolution of the game.


Anubis stands as a vibrant addition to the CS:GO map pool, offering a novel arena for strategic competition. Its unique layout and aesthetic draw players into a world where traditional tactics are challenged, and new strategies emerge. The mastery of Anubis requires not just familiarity with its layout but an in-depth understanding of the tactical opportunities it presents. As players and teams delve into the complexities of Anubis, the map promises to remain a dynamic and evolving battleground, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The journey through Anubis is one of discovery, where each match offers insights into the map’s depth and the endless possibilities it holds for strategic gameplay. Whether through the eyes of a seasoned professional or a casual enthusiast, Anubis provides a unique and rewarding experience, challenging all who traverse its ancient corridors to adapt, innovate, and conquer.


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