BLAST Makes Waves with Plans for Counter-Strike 2 Major in Austin, Texas

May 21, 2024 | 0 comments

BLAST Aims for Austin, Texas for Counter-Strike 2 Major in 2025

BLAST, a prominent organizer of Esports tournaments, has made plans to bring a major event to US soil. According to HLTV, they have set their sights on Austin, Texas as the chosen location for the first Counter-Strike 2 Major of the year in 2025. The tournament is scheduled to be held from June 9-22, which would make it the first time the US has hosted a significant Counter-Strike event since 2018.

BLAST has a successful history of organizing premiere Counter-Strike events. Their impressive portfolio includes conducting the final CS: GO Major in Paris in 2023. The Paris event received extensive acclaim and approval, recognized for its flawless organization and execution. This event clocked the fourth-highest viewership peak in the game’s history, a testament to the managing skills and operational caliber of BLAST.

The Return of Major Counter-Strike Tournament to US Soil

The idea of hosting a Major Counter-Strike tournament in the US once again is noteworthy. The last major US-based Counter-Strike tournament was back in 2018. The return of such a significant event could potentially re-energize the Esports scene in the region. BLAST’s initiative, in this case, showcases its understanding of the strategic significance of the US market and its potential for the growth of both the game and Esports as a whole.

While Austin, Texas isn’t traditionally known as a hub for Esports, this planned event could change this notion. The city is rapidly growing, embracing technology and innovation which aligns well with the progressive nature of Esports. Therefore, playing host to the Counter-Strike 2 Major could potentially put Austin on the map as a desired location for future major Esports tournaments.

BLAST’s Credentials as Organizers of Counter-Strike Events

While the 2025 Counter-Strike 2 Major in Austin would be an important venture for BLAST, it’s by no means their first. BLAST has earned its reputation through its meticulous organizing and management of significant Counter-Strike events. This expertise was well showcased in the Paris 2023 Major, which was both popular and highly respected. It also saw the fourth-highest viewership peak in the game’s history, positioning it as one of the most successful Counter-Strike Majors ever held.

With this proven track record, fans and participants can expect a well-run event in Austin. As BLAST is committed to maintaining their standards of operation, the return of the Counter-Strike Major to the US looks promising. This venture could also potentially open doors for more Esport events to be hosted across the country in the future.


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