SkyEsports Charts an Ambitious Roadmap for Counter-Strike 2 in 2024

Jan 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Skyesports, a prominent South Asian esports tournament organizer, has unveiled an ambitious roadmap for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) in the 2024 season, signaling a significant boost for the competitive scene of the game.

Key Highlights of Skyesports’ 2024 Roadmap

  • Global IPs and LAN Events: The year will feature six global IPs, including a mix of international and Indian teams. These events will span both national and international LAN events, offering a diverse and competitive landscape for CS2 players and fans.
  • Grand Slam and Skyesports Masters: The season will kick off with the Skyesports Grand Slam from March 14th-18th, followed by the Skyesports Masters in May 2024. Both events are set to be franchise highlights in the annual esports calendar.
  • Skyesports Championship: Scheduled for July 2024, this event will boast a $150,000 prize pool, adding to the excitement and competitive stakes of the season.
  • Skyesports Souvenir: This tournament, featuring teams from India, Europe, and North America, will take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from September 13th-15th, adding an international flair to the lineup.
  • Introduction of Skyesports Global Tour: A major addition to the roadmap is the Skyesports Global Tour, slated to occur in Bangkok, Thailand at the end of October. With a significant $250,000 prize pool, this event will see participation from teams qualified across various regions, including India, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.
  • India vs Pakistan Series: Capping off the year, the India vs Pakistan Series will take place in December 2024 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This series is unique for its geopolitical rivalry and will split a $50,000 prize pool between the two countries.
  • Support for Grassroots-Level Esports: Skyesports is also committed to nurturing the grassroots level of CS2 esports in India, offering both monetary and infrastructural support for collegiate and cafe events.

Skyesports’ Vision for CS2 Esports

Shiva Nandy, the Founder and CEO of Skyesports, emphasized the organization’s focus on fostering talent, global expansion, and sustainability for participating teams. With five global IPs and a total prize pool of $1 million, Skyesports is set to showcase global esports talent and introduce the world of Counter-Strike esports to a broader audience. Three of these tournaments will be hosted in India, highlighting the country’s growing prominence in the esports arena.

Implications for the CS2 Esports Scene

This extensive and diverse roadmap by Skyesports for CS2 in 2024 is a significant step in elevating the game’s esports status. By incorporating international competitions, a significant prize pool, and support for emerging talents, Skyesports is poised to contribute substantially to the global CS2 esports ecosystem. The focus on inclusive and global participation indicates a promising future for CS2 as a major player in the esports world​​.


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