MAG.Nirvana vs Geek Slate

04/02/2024 - 7:00 am UTC


RES Regional Series: SEA #1 – Group Stage - Group A

Best of 2

Geek Slate

Geek Slate

Match Details

Dive into exhilarating esports action as MAG.Nirvana takes on Geek Slate in the Group Stage - Group A of the RES Regional Series: SEA #1. This Dota 2 showdown is not to be missed, played out in a thrilling Best of 2 format. As two formidable forces collide on the battlefield, spectators are captivated by the electrifying strategic gameplay and the determination of each team to claim victory. Both MAG.Nirvana and Geek Slate are known for their exceptional skills and innovative tactics, promising an enthralling match that elucidates the captivating world of Dota 2 esports. Strap in for an intense and engaging match, the climax of which could go either way.


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