Shifting Tides: Riyadh Masters 2024 Day One Recap

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Day One of Riyadh Masters 2024: Results and Analysis

The first day of the Riyadh Masters 2024 Dota 2 tournament has ended, bringing with it a number of unexpected results. Teams from Southeast Asia and South America, notably Blacklist International, beastcoast, Aurora, and HEROIC, performed particularly well. They managed to secure top spots in their respective groups. In contrast to this, known Chinese teams, usually recognized as powerhouses in Dota 2, found themselves in an unusual position towards the end of the standings.

Unexpected Underperformance of Chinese Teams

Chinese teams, traditionally strong players in the global Dota 2 community, faced unforeseen challenges on the first day of the tournament. Their performances were not up to the level the global audience usually expects from them, and they ended the day at the lower end of the Standings. This was an unexpected position for them, reflecting the increasing competitiveness of these international events.

Surprising Success of Southeast Asian and South American Teams

Teams representing Southeast Asia and South America emerged as standout performers. Among them, Blacklist International, beastcoast, Aurora, and HEROIC excelled in their group matches. These teams came into the match with good strategies and impressive team coordination, ending the day at the top of their groups. It is a testament to their hard work and preparation coming into the tournament.

Event Overview: Broadcast Delays, Ties and More

The tournament started off with some challenges, including broadcast delays which were remedied in due course. In Group A in particular, the level of competition was evident. There were four ties in a row, demonstrating just how evenly matched many of these teams are on a global level. As a result of this intense competition, some clear patterns started to emerge as matches went on.

Emerging Patterns from Group Matches

Despite these initial complications and the closely contested nature of many of the matches, some trends began to show by the end of the first day. The Southeast Asian and South American teams’ dominance may indicate a potential shift in the global Dota 2 scene, as these regions have often been overshadowed by traditionally influential teams from regions like China. With the unpredictable performances of the Chinese teams, the dynamic shifts in the standings and the emergence of these teams as potential new powerhouses may yet prove to be the defining feature of the Riyadh Masters 2024.


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