The Impact of Dota 2 Patch 7.36c: Analyzing Hero Changes and Their Effects on the Meta

Jun 26, 2024 | 0 comments

The Arrival of the Dota 2 Patch 7.36c

Dota 2 has revealed its 7.36c patch. This release mostly focuses on downgrading the most powerful characters in the meta. The patch has done minor upgrades to a handful of heroes while most of them have undergone hefty cuts. This article will detail the characters that had the most significant losses during this update and discuss their current circumstances and potential continuance as practical choices.

Changes in the Game’s Meta

This update has reshaped the balance of powers by diminishing the abilities of prime heroes, thereby impacting the game’s meta heavily. Some individuals regard it as a game of survival where the strong get nerfed to introduce an equilibrium in the battlefield. Here, the dominant heroes are refined and reanalyzed to keep the competitiveness of the game alive.

Effects on Dominant Characters

The alterations in the 7.36c patch caused influential heroes to face major losses. Theses updates have significantly impacted a performance of these characters. Their abilities have been limited and, as a consequence, their effectiveness in combat has been reduced. This report will examine these heroes in more depth below.

The Concept of Buffs and Nerfs

A nerf or a buff is a modification made to a character’s abilities to balance the game. While buffs increase a character’s power or usability, nerfs reduce them. In patch 7.36c, a small section of heroes has seen a ‘buff’, or a boost in their powers, whereas the majority underwent ‘nerfs’, or downgrades in their strengths.

Implication of the Changes

Such changes, though impactful, do not essentially mean the end of domination for these heroes. It might challenge the player’s familiarity with the characters but also brings room for testing new strategies. Detailed insight into these changes will be covered in upcoming discussions.

A Closer Look at the Characters

The later sections will sketch out which characters got caught in this carousel of changes the most. There, we will discuss their recent cuts, current situation and speculate on whether these modifications can challenge their position as a practical choice for players in the forthcoming games. The ultimate object of these changes is to keep the game exciting and acknowledges that even the strongest heroes have weaknesses and can be defeated.

The Potential Outcomes

Competitiveness of the game might appear differently due to these revisions, however, these may bring some unexpected gameplay turns and twists. The heroes that were negatively impacted by the patch may not be as dominant as before, but they may still prove to be operational picks depending on the players’ skills and strategies. Therefore, it is crucial to enlightenment, as it flags that the game is not about overpowering characters but rather about tactics and playing the game skillfully.


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