Kim Doh Wook vs Park Ryung-woo

30/12/2023 - 12:40 pm UTC
Kim Doh Wook

Kim Doh Wook

WardiTV 2023 – Seeding Matches: - Group B

Best of 3

Park Ryung-woo

Park Ryung-woo

Match Details

Get ready for an epic clash in the WardiTV 2023 tournament! It's time for the Seeding Matches in Group B, and Team 1, led by the skilled Kim Doh Wook, will be going head-to-head against Team 2, captained by the formidable Park Ryung-woo. With the Best of 3 format, both teams will be battling it out on the virtual battlefield, showcasing their strategic prowess and mechanical finesse. The stakes are high as they fight for a favorable position in the tournament. Will Kim Doh Wook's team prove their dominance or will Park Ryung-woo lead his squad to victory? Tune in and witness the intense action as these two teams clash in an all-out war for glory.


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