Park Ryung-woo vs Max C

30/12/2023 - 2:00 pm UTC
Park Ryung-woo

Park Ryung-woo

WardiTV 2023 – Seeding Matches: - Group B

Best of 3

Max C

Max C

Match Details

Get ready for an epic showdown in the WardiTV 2023 tournament's Seeding Matches: Group B stage! Park Ryung-woo and Max C will go head-to-head in a Best of 3 battle that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Both teams have proven themselves to be fierce competitors in the esports scene, so expect nothing short of high-level gameplay and intense strategies. As the tournament progresses, every win and loss becomes crucial for securing a favorable seed in the later stages. Don't miss this thrilling match as Park Ryung-woo and Max C battle it out for a shot at advancing in the tournament. Check out the schedule and stay tuned for more updates on Juked.


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