All Knights vs Movistar R7

22/02/2024 - 1:00 am UTC
All Knights

All Knights

LLA Opening 2024 Group Stage – Group Stage

Best of 3

Movistar R7

Movistar R7

Match Details

Catch the electrifying battle between All Knights and Movistar R7 at the LLA Opening 2024 Group Stage. This potent face-off is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams, armed with seasoned veterans and fresh talent, will showcase their gaming prowess in League of Legends. The match format is a high-stakes Best of 3, meaning every strategic move and split-second decision could tip the scales in favor of either team. Dive deep into the world of esports and witness the epitome of competitive gaming as All Knights and Movistar R7 go head to head in this anticipated encounter. Don't miss the chance to experience the very best of esports action!


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