Estral Esports vs Leviatan Esports

16/02/2024 - 1:00 am UTC
Estral Esports

Estral Esports

LLA Opening 2024 Group Stage – Group Stage

Best of 3

Leviatan Esports

Leviatan Esports

Match Details

Join the thrilling world of League of Legends esports in the LLA Opening 2024 Group Stage. Estral Esports, a team known for their strategic gameplay, face off against the onslaught of Leviatan Esports, setting the stage for an electrifying Best of 3 match. With both teams boasting formidable prowess and unyielding determination, the Group Stage promises to deliver the perfect blend of breath-taking actions, intense strategies and unforgettable displays of esports dynamism. Witness as both teams take to the Rift, battling relentlessly to assert their dominance and move one step closer to the ultimate glory in the LLA Opening 2024. Whether you're a seasoned League of Legends spectator or embarking on your first esports journey, this match offers an unmatched viewing experience. Let the games begin!


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