Flamengo Academy vs FURIA Academy

06/02/2024 - 11:00 pm UTC
Flamengo Academy

Flamengo Academy

CBLOL Academy Split season 1 2024 Regular Season – Regular Season

Best of 1

FURIA Academy

FURIA Academy

Match Details

Showcasing a crucial Best of 1 battle within the CBLOL Academy Split season 1 2024 Regular Season, Flamengo Academy squares up against FURIA Academy. As two fierce contenders within the league, both teams bring their A-game, promising a thrilling encounter. In League of Legends, every second makes a difference, every choice is critical and the scales of victory could tip in any direction. Immerse in the sheer adrenaline fest, as Flamengo Academy and FURIA Academy flex their strategic muscles, demonstrate exceptional teamwork, and showcase awe-inspiring gameplay displays. No matter the outcome, this match serves as a testament to the riveting competition within the CBLOL Academy Split season.


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