Fluxo vs Vivo Keyd Stars

28/01/2024 - 8:00 pm UTC


CBLOL Split 1 2024 Regular Season – Regular Season

Best of 1

Vivo Keyd Stars

Vivo Keyd Stars

Match Details

Get ready for an electrifying showdown as Fluxo takes on Vivo Keyd Stars in the regular season of the CBLOL Split 1 2024! In this thrilling Best of 1 match, the two teams will clash in a battle for supremacy on the Rift. Both teams have shown incredible skill and determination throughout the season, making this match a must-watch for any esports enthusiast. Will Fluxo's strategic plays be enough to take down the formidable Vivo Keyd Stars? Or will Vivo Keyd Stars prove their mettle and secure a decisive victory? Join us as these two powerhouses showcase their talents, deliver jaw-dropping plays, and vie for dominance in the CBLOL Split 1 2024 Regular Season. Don't miss out on the action!


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