Ji Jie Hao vs Invictus Gaming Young

23/02/2024 - 6:00 am UTC
Ji Jie Hao

Ji Jie Hao

LDL Split 1 2024 Group A – Group A

Best of 3

Invictus Gaming Young

Invictus Gaming Young

Match Details

Behold the intense face-off in the LDL Split 1 2024 Group A league, where team Ji Jie Hao battles it out with Invictus Gaming Young. This pulse-racing match is formatted as a Best of 3, ensuring a gripping League of Legends gameplay filled with strategic prowess and mind-boggling skills. Witness as both teams put their gaming strategies to the test in a thrilling showcase of esports competition. The results of this match bear significant weight in the tournament’s standings, putting the pressure on for an incredibly competitive and electrifying gameplay. Fan expectations run high as both teams gear up to seize victory. Tune in to absorb every critical move and play that defines this electrifying clash.


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