LOUD vs Vivo Keyd Stars

17/02/2024 - 6:00 pm UTC


CBLOL Split 1 2024 Regular Season – Regular Season - Regular Season

Best of 1

Vivo Keyd Stars

Vivo Keyd Stars

Match Details

Step into the thrilling world of League of Legends as loud confrontations meet star-like maneuvers in the CBLOL Split 1 2024 Regular Season. Team LOUD and Vivo Keyd Stars go head-to-head in a pulse-pounding, best of one match where every decision, every strategy, and every move can determine the ultimate victor. Will it be the unrelenting force from Team LOUD or the strategic genius of Vivo Keyd Stars that prevails? Experience the energy, the strategies, and the high-stakes machinations as these titans of esports disappear into the mist of the summoner's rift, battling it out for dominance in a game that continually redefines the frontier of competitive gaming.


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