Team WE Academy vs Ultra Prime Academy

23/02/2024 - 8:00 am UTC
Team WE Academy

Team WE Academy

LDL Split 1 2024 Group B – Group B

Best of 3

Ultra Prime Academy

Ultra Prime Academy

Match Details

Experience the thrill and excitement of the LDL Split 1 2024 Group B clash between Team WE Academy and Ultra Prime Academy in a best of three format. Witness as each team adapts, strategizes and implements their unique playstyles in the world-renowned game, League of Legends. This heart-racing match is an absolute must-see for any avid esports enthusiast. With the stage set for Group B, who triumphs will be a testament not only to individual skill but the power of teamwork and coordination. Don't miss this intense encounter in one of the most popular esports tournaments.


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