League of Legends Kindred Guide: From Beginner to Pro

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Kindred, the Eternal Hunters, is one of the most intriguing champions in League of Legends. Representing the twin aspects of death, Lamb and Wolf, Kindred brings a unique playstyle that blends the roles of an AD carry and a jungler. This guide will provide an in-depth look into Kindred’s abilities, optimal runes, strategies, and builds to help you dominate the Rift. League of Legends Kindred Guide: Learn how to master this hero with our comprehensive guide covering abilities, runes, strategies, and more.

Understanding Kindred’s Abilities

Passive: Mark of the Kindred

Kindred’s passive is the cornerstone of their gameplay. Lamb can mark an enemy champion anywhere on the map, and if Kindred kills or assists in killing the target, they gain a permanent bonus to their auto-attacks. Wolf marks enemy jungle camps, which can also be hunted for additional bonuses. These marks are visible to both allies and enemies, adding a strategic layer to Kindred’s hunts.

Q: Dance of Arrows

Kindred leaps in a target direction, firing arrows at up to three nearby targets upon landing. This ability provides mobility and burst damage, making it essential for both clearing jungle camps and engaging in fights.

W: Wolf’s Frenzy

Wolf’s Frenzy has both passive and active components. Passively, as Kindred moves, they accumulate stacks of Hunter’s Vigor. At full stacks, their next auto-attack heals them. Actively, Wolf creates a large spirit zone, attacking enemies within it. Inside this zone, Dance of Arrows’ cooldown is significantly reduced, allowing for more frequent use.

E: Mounting Dread

Kindred slows a target, and if they attack the slowed enemy three times, Wolf pounces, dealing significant damage based on the target’s max health. This ability is crucial for securing kills and dealing with high-health targets.

R: Lamb’s Respite

Kindred’s ultimate ability creates a zone that prevents any units within from falling below a certain health threshold. When the zone expires, all units inside are healed. This ability can be a game-changer in team fights, saving allies from lethal damage and turning the tide of battle.

Focusing on Mark Collection

Mark collection is the heart of Kindred’s gameplay. Lamb’s passive ability to mark enemy champions and Wolf’s ability to mark jungle camps are pivotal. Each successful mark collection grants Kindred permanent bonuses to their auto-attacks, increasing their damage and range over time.

For instance, targeting enemy junglers early in the game can yield significant advantages. If the enemy jungler mispositions or engages in a fight they can’t win, Kindred can secure an early mark, boosting their damage and making future hunts easier.

Optimal Runes for Kindred

Choosing the right runes for Kindred is essential to maximize their potential. The primary rune choice is Press the Attack, which enhances damage output after landing three auto-attacks. Presence of Mind is also crucial, as it restores mana upon takedowns, allowing Kindred to maintain their damage output. Alacrity and Coup de Grace further enhance attack speed and damage against low-health targets.

For secondary runes, Sorcery offers the best synergy with Nimbus Cloak for increased mobility after using summoner spells and Waterwalking for enhanced movement speed and damage in the river. Alternatively, Domination runes like Sudden Impact and Relentless Hunter can be chosen for a more aggressive playstyle.

Strategic Playstyle

Early Game Strategy

In the early game, focus on standard jungle routes while prioritizing the first scuttle spawns, as the initial mark will always be on a scuttle crab. Mark the enemy jungler at the start of the game to capitalize on any early misplays. Hunting for marks and farming are your main goals in the early stages, but don’t neglect opportunities to gank lanes and secure kills.

Mid to Late Game Strategy

As the game progresses, Kindred becomes more powerful. Prioritize collecting marks from both jungle camps and enemy champions. Vision control and objective control are paramount. When choosing marked champions, consider marking frontline or easily accessible targets rather than squishy backline champions. In team fights, position yourself between the frontline and backline, using Lamb’s Respite to save key allies and secure advantageous trades.

In team fights, position yourself between the frontline and backline. Use the extended range from collected marks to attack from a safe distance while keeping an eye on potential threats. Communicate with your team to prioritize targets marked by Lamb, ensuring efficient use of your passive ability.

Effective Builds for Kindred

General Build (Warrior Build)

The Warrior Build focuses on enhancing Kindred’s attack speed and damage. Start with the Warrior enchanted jungle item for AD and cooldown reduction. Runaan’s Hurricane is essential for hitting multiple targets, while Black Cleaver provides armor shred and additional bulk. This build allows for frequent use of abilities and consistent damage output.

Scaling Build (Bloodrazor/Manamune Build)

The Bloodrazor Build transforms Kindred into a late-game carry. Begin with the Bloodrazor enchanted jungle item, focusing on attack speed and percent health damage. Manamune provides additional mana and scaling AD, while Infinity Edge boosts critical strike chance and damage. This build excels against tanky opponents and offers significant late-game power.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Aim to collect at least four marks by the early-mid game for a crucial range boost. Seven marks are ideal by mid-game to maximize power.
  • Avoid overcommitting to marks that put you in dangerous positions. It’s better to farm safely and gather marks opportunistically.
  • Use the animation of Dance of Arrows to seamlessly cast other abilities, enhancing your mobility and damage output.
  • Lamb’s Respite can counter high-burst champions and assassins, turning potential defeats into victories when timed correctly.

To excel with Kindred, practice timing your abilities and understanding the flow of the game. Adapt your strategy based on the enemy team composition and your team’s needs. For instance, against teams with high burst damage, prioritize using Lamb’s Respite defensively to protect your carries. Against tank-heavy teams, focus on collecting marks and building items that enhance your damage over time.

Mastering Kindred requires understanding their unique mechanics and strategic playstyle. By focusing on mark collection, optimal rune choices, and effective build paths, you can harness the full potential of the Eternal Hunters and lead your team to victory in League of Legends.


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