League of Legends Season 14 Brings Notable Changes to the Game

Jan 8, 2024 | 0 comments

League of Legends enters its 14th season with a series of significant updates. Riot Games has announced various changes aimed at enhancing the game’s strategic elements and visual appeal.

Map Adjustments:

The top lane now features repositioned walls, offering new opportunities for junglers and increased protection for laners. A shift in the river bush position addresses red side warding strategies. Mid-lane sees adjustments in tower and wall positions, altering laning and gank strategies, along with modified river bushes. In the bottom lane, river bushes are relocated and the wall near the blast cone is removed, impacting jungle ganks and lane dynamics.

Jungle Changes:

The area around the Baron pit has been reworked, affecting warding and objective control strategies.

The Void’s Influence:

New creatures called Voidgrubs appear in the Baron pit until the 14-minute mark, granting bonuses upon defeat. Afterward, the Rift Herald, Shelly, can now be controlled by players. Baron Nashor presents in three forms, each affecting the pit’s terrain and combat style. After 20 minutes, certain jungle camps become Voidborne, offering buffs and enhanced effects upon defeat.

Item System Update:

Season 14 sees the removal of the Mythic item era. The item system is restructured with categories like Mage, Assassin, Tank, Enchanter, Fighter, and Marksman items. This revamp includes the removal, alteration, and introduction of new items to maintain dynamic gameplay.


The 14th season of League of Legends significantly changes the game’s mechanics and strategies. These updates, ranging from subtle lane modifications to the introduction of the Void, aim to keep the game exciting and challenging for all players.


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