BLEED Esports Introduces Nexa to Counter-Strike Roster, FaveN Steps Down

Jul 4, 2024 | 0 comments

Singaporean Esports Organization Announces Roster Change

The Singapore-based Esports organization, BLEED Esports, has publicized a significant change to its Counter-Strike roster. The organization has decided to replace one of its original members. The player going through this change is Nemanja “nexa” Isaković. He will be replacing Josef “faveN” Baumann, who has been with the BLEED Counter-Strike team from the start of its venture.

Nexa Joins, FaveN Steps Down

Nexa is set to replace faveN in BLEED’s existing Counter-Strike project. This means faveN will be stepping down from the team, making way for nexa. Previously, nexa was a member of BIG, where he was able to prove his skills as a rifler with Kazakh heritage. Interestingly, he was the second official player to join the BLEED roster, coming just after Hampus. This reshuffle indicates a major change to the team, intending to provide a fresh approach to their gaming strategies.

FaveN’s Counter-Strike Journey

Before joining Sprout in 2018, faveN, who had initially started his gaming career with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, had to jump across multiple small rosters. It was in Sprout where he started to make a name with his gaming skills. However, faveN’s most memorable stint came with BIG in 2021. It was during this time where his remarkable gaming prowess truly shone, making him a key player in many victories for the team. Now, as he steps down from BLEED, he leaves behind a legacy of inspiring the next generation of gamers.

The BLEED Counter-Strike Project

The BLEED Esports organization’s Counter-Strike project has been a core venture for the entity since its inception. It is dedicated to gather and hone the skills of talented players around the world for competitive esports. Over the years, it has seen several players come and go, each contributing significantly to the project’s overall success. With every roster change, the project remains committed to its mission of pushing the boundaries in professional esports.

Looking Ahead

As nexa joins BLEED’s Counter-Strike roster, fans and supporters can look forward to what he brings to the table. His experience and skills cultivated from BIG will certainly be an asset to his new team. Nonetheless, faveN’s departure is a reminder of the constant changes and evolutions within the realm of esports. His contribution to BLEED, and to the Counter-Strike project in particular, will always be honored and remembered. As the team moves forward, they will strive to uphold the dedication and success that their former and current team members have established.


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