Breaking Ground: PGL Secures Media Rights for Perfect World CS2 Shanghai Major 2024

Jul 4, 2024 | 0 comments

PGL’s Acquisition of Perfect World CS2 Shanghai Major 2024 Media Rights

PGL, a well-known esports organization, has recently announced its new acquisition of media rights for the Perfect World CS2 Shanghai Major 2024. This significant business move is the latest news from the esports industry that has been anticipating the event. This news confirms that PGL will be producing the English broadcast for this event, which will be executed remotely. This broadcasting responsibility covers both the RMR tournaments and the Major event itself.

First Major Event Hosted by Non-English Speaking Organizer

The Perfect World CS2 Shanghai Major 2024 shows uniqueness as it is the first Major event to be hosted by a tournament organizer whose primary language is not English. Interestingly, despite the language difference, PGL has taken on the responsibility of managing production and oversight in English. This task includes all operations related to broadcasting the event in English, ensuring that the execution is flawless and reaches a global audience effectively.

Earlier Announcements from Perfect World and Valve

In anticipation of the Perfect World CS2 Shanghai Major 2024, Perfect World and Valve made some important announcements earlier. Included in these announcements were the unveiling of the Major qualifiers and the RMRs schedule. These updates were given alongside a revision to Valve’s Major Rulebook which further provided details and necessary changes for the upcoming event.

Two Significant Announcements Precede the Major Event

Leading up to the Perfect World CS2 Shanghai Major 2024, there were two other significant announcements made. These updates serve as important precursors to the main event. Together, all these actions underscore the complexity and detailed planning that goes into organizing a Major event. Perfect World, Valve and PGL are working together to ensure that each aspect of this tournament is properly coordinated and that viewers can experience the event smoothly, whether they’re watching in English or another language.

Accommodating Non-English Speakers in E-Sports

The hosting of a Major event by a non-English speaking tournament organizer, for the first time and PGL’s role in producing an English broadcast, highlight the diversity in esports and the increasing efforts to accommodate non-English speakers in global events. This exemplifies how organizations are adapting to the expanding international audience and the needs of viewers from different language backgrounds. It is expected that this precedent will create more opportunities for non-English speaking tournament organizers and will contribute to further broadening the horizons of esports universally.


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