Dive into Week 2 of the Esports World Cup as Competitors Clash in Dota 2, Free Fire, and Mobile Legends

Jul 9, 2024 | 0 comments

Week 2 of the Esports World Cup Continues

The thrill and excitement generated from the first week of the Esports World Cup (EWC) is set to continue unabated into week 2. The competitive field includes fiercely contested matches in Dota 2, Free Fire, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The city of Riyadh is still buzzing with the action as it hosts this spectacle of esports proficiency. All participants vie intensely for the illustrious title of EWC 2024 champions.

Dota2 Riyadh Masters – Group Stage

The Dota2 competition, known as the Riyadh Masters, now approaches its Group Stage. This segment features the top 8 teams that outperformed their competitions during the Play-In phase. They will compete head-on with another set of eight teams that launch their tournament journey in this Group Stage. Therefore, a total of sixteen teams will partake in the game, divided equally into two segments – Group A and Group B.

These teams will face off in matches scheduled from July 10 to July 14. They will undergo a single round-robin format, whereby each team is assured a shot at all others in their group. As each team cruises its way through the increasingly intense tournament atmosphere, spectators can anticipate witnessing some ardent engagement in pursuit of victory.

This progression format allows all teams an equal opportunity to display their professional expertise and strategies. Hence, the stakes remain high and the excitement is sustained throughout the contest. Esports fans all over the globe eagerly anticipate the action in this second week as teams battle to stay ahead and inch closer to the coveted EWC 2024 glory.


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