Dominance and Determination: Riyadh Masters 2024 Tier List Revealed

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Riyadh Masters 2024 Tier List Released by Aurora’s Coach

Aurora’s coach, Lee “SunBhie” Jeong-jae divulged his Riyadh Masters 2024 tier list on X, with Team Falcons and Xtreme Gaming attaining the top spots respectively. These rankings are a direct reflection of their powerful performance throughout the current season. The Falcons team managed to secure victory in four major tournaments in the year 2024. They maintained a consistent performance level, despite scepticism regarding the strength of the MENA region in global professional gaming.

The Wins and Dominance of Team Falcons

Speculations and doubts were abound regarding the level of prowess the MENA region can command in the global gaming scene. Despite being rooted in a region that’s often overlooked, the Falcons were not deterred. Their determination led them to stand victorious at four major gaming tournaments in the year 2024. The team’s consistent and impressive performance defied the criticism and scepticism, notably enhancing the team’s reputation on a global level.

The Rising Popularity of Xtreme Gaming

An equal contender for the top spot was Xtreme Gaming. They secured victories in two important gaming events. Their popularity rose significantly following the return of Wang “Ame” Chunyu to the Dota 2 professional scene. His return to the gaming stage was met with enthusiasm by fans and critics alike, as it bolstered the strength of Xtreme Gaming substantially. His fame and skill led to a surge in the team’s popularity, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Xtreme Gaming’s Collaboration with Weibo Gaming

In an interesting turn of events, Xtreme Gaming entered into a partnership with Weibo Gaming. This alliance greatly aided in uplifting the team’s public profile, further solidifying their strong position in the gaming world. The partnership with Weibo Gaming brought additional attention and admiration to Xtreme Gaming, once again reiterating the fact that they are not to be underestimated.

The Grit of the Latecomers

While the top spots have been dominated by Xtreme Gaming and Falcons, it’s important to recognise the latecomers of this gaming season, who have shown considerable determination and skill. These teams, in their fight to rise to the top, added a thrilling dynamic to the fierce competition of the season. Their grit adds a new element to the gaming world, making the competition more diverse and exciting. With their determined fight for ascendancy, these teams are surely ones to watch out for in the future.


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