Elevating T1 Valorant: The Impact of Adding stax to the Roster

Jun 7, 2024 | 0 comments

New Addition to T1 Valorant: Kim “stax” Gu-Taek

T1 Valorant just made a key player addition to their team. They have welcomed Kim “stax” Gu-Taek, the former In-Game Leader (IGL) of DRX, to their roster. Stax was associated with DRX-Vision Strikers for a period of four years. This connection was terminated recently, just a month ago. Stax, known for directing one of the most competitive teams globally, makes a valuable addition to the T1 Valorant team.

Why T1 Chose stax

Jacob “Daeda” Hale, the coach of the T1 team, elaborated on the thinking behind this pickup. The team needed another player who could provide opportunity for more role variations and strategic combinations. Stax brings to the table not just skill, but also a rich treasure of experience from his time at DRX-Vision Strikers.

What stax Can Offer

What does stax bring to the T1 Valorant team? Stax is known for his leadership skills, honed over four years as the IGL of the DRX-Vision Strikers team. Experienced IGLs like Stax are valuable assets to any team, bringing strategic insight and the ability to coordinate team efforts. His experience with one of the top teams in the world makes him especially well-equipped to provide the role changes and combinations T1 Valorant was looking for. With Stax, the team can hope to explore new strategies and move in spaces uncharted in the past.

Reflection on stax’s Association with DRX

Stax had a prolonged relationship with DRX-Vision Strikers, where he was an integral part of the team for four years. His tenure there has left an indelible impression on his career, sharpening his skills, refining his game strategy, and fostering his leadership abilities. Being a part of a top team like DRX has given him exposure to high-pressure situations, honing his decision-making skills in the heat of the moment – an asset that would be invaluable to any team. With Stax’s arrival, T1 Valorant expects to benefit from these experiences.

The Future for T1 Valorant with stax

What’s next for T1 Valorant with Stax on board? There is anticipation and excitement over this recent addition. T1 Valorant expects that the infusion of Stax into the team will usher in an era of changed roles and strategic combinations. Stax also brings the potential for the team to leverage this change and explore new paths to success. This move is another important step for T1 Valorant towards reaching their ultimate goal of establishing themselves as one of the strongest teams globally. Only time will tell what the future holds, but T1 Valorant seems to be on a promising trajectory with Stax as the new member.


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