Esports Awards Partners with Esports World Cup Federation for Joint Venture: Recognizing Excellence in Competitive Gaming

Jun 7, 2024 | 0 comments


The Esports Awards and the Esports World Cup Federation (EWCF) recently made an announcement about their joint venture. This significant partnership is planned to last for three years. The agreement means that one of the most valued awards in esports would now also be part of the Esports World Cup.

Venue and Dates

The Esports World Cup taking place in Riyadh has been selected as the venue for the Esports Awards 2024. This exciting event is scheduled for August 24th and is set to recognize and celebrate the most successful figures in esports over the course of the year. To add to the suspense, the names of the final contestants for the upcoming edition of the awards won’t be revealed until June 27th. Only after the unveiling of the shortlisted contenders will the voting process commence.

The Wider Implications of the Partnership

This partnership agreement between the Esports Awards and the EWCF signifies an important step forward in the field. It allows for greater scope within the esports industry and underscores the increasing acknowledgement of esports as a global sporting phenomenon. The award ceremony, set to be hosted at the World Cup, symbolizes the collective recognition of esports’ rapidly growing importance and its impact on the world of competitive gaming.

The Esports Awards: An Overview

The Esports Awards is an annual event that acknowledges remarkable contributions within the esports community, whether by teams, players, or industry leaders. Over the years, it has gained recognition as one of the most prestigious honors one can achieve in the realm of esports. Winning this award is widely regarded as a testament to aptitude and dedication within the esports industry.

The Esports World Cup Federation: An Overview

The Esports World Cup Federation is a global organization that strives to promote esports at an international level and encourages its acceptance as a mainstream sport. The federation’s role includes organizing and managing various international esports contests, with the Esports World Cup as its flagship event.

The Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup is a global competition that brings together the most skilled esports teams from around the world. Each year, its thrilling matches attract huge crowds of spectators. The World Cup is recognized as a premier event that showcases not just exceptional gaming abilities but also the growing interest and demand for esports across the world.


The collaboration between the Esports Awards and the Esports World Cup Federation is instrumental in amplifying the reach and influence of the esports industry. By integrating the awards ceremony with the World Cup, more recognition and attention are brought to the achievements within esports. This is likely to chart a path for even greater global participation and a significant growth in popularity of esports in years to come.


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