Navigating Changes in Dota 2: Patch 7.36 and Beyond

Jun 3, 2024 | 0 comments

Changes in Dota 2

The life of a Dota 2 gamer requires adaptation to new updates and patches. The most recent cleaning update, Patch 7.36, brought about significant changes that players have to adjust to, marking an end to the usability of previous game meta.

New Concepts Introduced

This new update is noteworthy because it introduced two new elements for in-game interaction – Hero Facits and Innate Abilities. These concepts brought about significant changes in the way Dota 2 is played, showing a shift in the game dynamics.

Impact on Players

These changes may have significantly altered the game, but handling some heroes became a challenge for certain players because of the power surge in their facets. This disproportionate boost caused player dissatisfaction, leading to an increase in the struggle against those heroes in game matches.

Follow-up Update

To address this issue, Valve responded quickly by launching a follow-up update, Patch 7.36a. This patch was designed to create a balance and resolve all issues brought about by the introduction of Hero Facits and Innate Abilities. No further details about the specific changes in this patch have been revealed, but this rapid response shows Valve’s commitment to maintain productive gameplay and fair environment for all players.

Adaptation is Key

With the constant changes and updates in Dota 2, players need to stay informed and quickly adapt to keep up their game performance. The introduction of the Hero Facits and Innate Abilities in the Patch 7.36 is just one of many updates that players have to adjust to. They may increase difficulty in the game, but ultimately, they also make it more interesting and challenging.

Proper Strategy

The key to counter these overpowered heroes lies in a player’s strategic approach towards the game. Being aware of the new facets and abilities of each hero will allow players to craft more effective strategies to handle them. It is also important to practice and improve gameplay to deal with these new challenges that come with the game updates.

Wrapping Up

It’s a given that constant changes are part and parcel of gaming, especially for Dota 2 players. The recent update, Patch 7.36, and the following Patch 7.36a, once again reaffirm that adaptability and quick learning are essential qualities needed for success in the face of changing game dynamics. Though these changes may introduce new challenges- with the right strategy and practice, they can also pave the way for more engaging and improved gameplay.


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