Navigating Loss and Growth: A Look at MIBR’s Journey in VCT Americas 2024 Split 2 Superweek

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MIBR Suffers Loss in VCT Americas 2024 Split 2 Superweek

The second game of Superweek at the VCT Americas 2024 Split 2 was a challenging one for the MIBR, where they faced off against 100 Thieves. Despite their best efforts and strategy at play, MIBR couldn’t secure a win and lost to the opponent team with a score of 0-2.

Exclusive Interview with MIBR Head Coach Daniel “fRoD” Montaner

Following the defeat, Daniel “fRoD” Montaner, MIBR’s Head Coach, had an in-depth discussion about the team’s performance, strategy and future plans. He openly discussed the team’s unfortunate record and acknowledged that the loss was tough for the team. The team gave their best, but it wasn’t enough to secure a victory against 100 Thieves.

MIBR’s Strategy Moving Forward

fRoD emphasises that this setback is only a part of the journey and not a determining factor for the team’s future performance. He suggests that such losses could play a critical role in MIBR’s growth as these experiences make the team realise what they lack and need to work upon. MIBR’s strategy further involves bringing in new faces as a part of their team, which could potentially help increase the competitiveness of the squad and infuse new energy.

Developing New Talent

The Head Coach also highlights the importance of developing new talent for the team’s ongoing and future success. Bringing emerging talent to the squad and providing them the necessary exposure and mentoring goes a long way in ensuring a robust team in the future. Addressing the need for new talent is a crucial part of MIBR’s strategy.

Plans for the Remaining Split

With the remaining games in the Split and Superweek, fRoD highlights that the team’s primary focus is on preparing robust strategies, reflecting upon the losses, learning from mistakes, and practising better team coordination. The coach emphasised preparing the team for the next two games and utilising these matches as opportunities to implement what they’ve learned from previous losses.

A Message to MIBR’s Fans

fRoD expressed his gratitude to the fans for their continuous support and requested their continued faith in the team. He promised that the team would work tirelessly to improve their performance and deliver a stronger show in the upcoming games. He requested patience and assured fans that victories are just around the corner.


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