OG Esports Dominates Day One of Riyadh Masters: Insights from Ceb

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Day One of Riyadh Masters

The initial day of the Riyadh Masters ended, with OG Esports concluding the day with two draws. One of these draws was against the top contenders, Team Spirit. The day started with Team Spirit dominating the first game, showing their skill and displaying why they are seen as the favorites.

The Second Game of the Day

The second game, however, showcased a different story. OG Esports returned with a roaring determination, decisively ending the game in 29 minutes. This comeback demonstrated OG’s capability and resilience, making it clear that they are not to be underestimated despite the first game loss.

An Interview with Ceb

Following the end of the game, a quick interview was conducted with Sébastien “Ceb” Debs. Debs is an integral part of OG Esports, with a strong presence in the team. The interview provided insights into various topics, like their performance in the series, how they interact and strategize considering the given game meta and his personal experience of being a father.

OG’s Performance

OG showed their strength when they defeated Team Spirit in the second game which lasted for less than half an hour. This win bodes well for their performance in the remainder of the tournament, setting high expectations for the team. Despite an indifferent start to the tournament against a strong opponent, they steadily gained their ground and showed their potential, much to the thrill of their fans.

Insights on Game Meta

During the interview, Debs also shared his team’s approach towards the meta or the core game strategy often employed by multiple teams. He discussed how the understanding of the current meta and making strategic adjustments based on this knowledge forms a fundamental part of their gameplay mechanics. This tactical aspect of their gameplay reflects OG’s meticulous preparation and their adaptive playstyle.

Ceb, The Father

Debs, also known as Ceb, besides being a critical part of OG’s success, is also a proud father in real life. He shared his experiences and feelings on juggling responsibilities as both a professional gamer and a parent. Despite the challenges, he suggested it has only made him more focused and disciplined, thereby positively influencing his professional life as well.


Overall, the opening day of the Riyadh Masters was especially notable for OG Esports’ comeback against Team Spirit. Sébastien “Ceb” Debs’ post-game interview provided a glimpse into their strategies, the team’s dynamics, and his life as a father. As the tournament progresses, it will be intriguing to see how the day one developments impact the performances of the teams.


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