Revamping Virtus.Pro Coaching Staff: PASHANOJ Takes the Helm

May 30, 2024 | 0 comments

Change in Virtus.Pro Coaching Staff

Virtus.Pro, a well-established esports team, has decided to relieve their CS2 head coach Dastan “dastan” Akbayev from his previous responsibilities. The announcement of this decision was made immediately after the team’s elimination from IEM Dallas, following a defeat to BIG in the Group B lower bracket semi-final.

PASHANOJ Steps into Dastan’s Role

After Dastan’s departure from the team’s coaching staff, the analyst Pavel “PASHANOJ” Legostaev is slated to take his spot. PASHANOJ will assume the vital role of coaching in the impending BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024 tournament. The adjustment in the coaching role was a swift move and underlines the team’s commitment to maintain their strategy buildup and team synergy going forward, without interrupting the smooth progression of their training and tournament schedules.

Prior Challenges for Virtus.Pro

Despite having some top-rated players, specifically Denis “electroNic” Sharipov – hailed as one of the best from the CIS region, Virtus.Pro has found recent tournaments challenging. With less than optimal outcomes in previous events, the team has been under the microscope. Specifically, they faced hurdles in the ESL Pro League Season 19 and BetBoom, where the team’s performance was deemed lackluster. These results prompted the need for a change, resulting in the overhaul of the coaching staff with the intention to bring a new perspective to their strategies and gameplay.

Expectations from New Leadership

Virtus.Pro hopes to see a turnaround under the new leadership of PASHANOJ as they prepare for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024 tournament. The strategic knowledge and expertise of PASHANOJ in the analysis department are expected to bring a fresh and novel coaching style that could help amplify the team’s performance. His deep understanding of the game’s dynamics and player psychology could play a crucial role in developing effective strategies.

Facing the Future

Change in an esports team can be challenging but it often leads to fresh opportunities and new strategies that might take the team to new heights. The current change in the coaching role is a considerable shift for the Virtus.Pro team. Though they will need time to adjust to the new dynamics, they are optimistic and look forward to tackling future challenges with renewed vigor. The team’s focus is on regrouping and renewing their strategy to balance team dynamics and individual performance, aiming for improved results in the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024.


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