RigoN Joins BIG: New Addition to Esports Team

Jul 11, 2024 | 0 comments

New Member Announced for BIG’s Esports Team

The esports group from Germany, BIG, recently revealed a change in their Counter-Strike team. They have chosen Rigon “rigoN” Gashi to be part of the group. RigoN will take over the position previously held by David “prosus” Hesse. Prosus used to be part of BIG Academy before moving up and being part of the roster for a year.

RigoN Joins BIG From Bad News Eagle

RigoN, who comes from Switzerland and Kosovo, was previously part of Bad News Eagle for two years. Later, Bad News Eagle rebranded and became known as Guild Eagles. He earned a reputation as an entry fragger, a strategic position in Counter-Strike games.

RigoN’s Former Team Won Recognition in the Counter-Strike World

During his time with Bad News Eagle, RigoN and his teammates garnered the attention of the gaming community. The Kosovan roster, including RigoN, put in some great performances in the last three Counter-Strike: Global Offensive majors. These events are significant for professional gamers as they are large-scale, high-profile tournaments. The performances of the team were powerful; they made a huge impact and gained a lot of respect in the world of Counter-Strike. This has inevitably played a role in RigoN being picked up by a highly respected esports organization such as BIG.

Promotion For Prosus, The Previous Counter-Strike Team Member

As for David “prosus” Hesse, the player that RigoN is replacing, he was promoted from BIG Academy. Prosus was part of the main roster for a whole year. BIG Academy is a project of the BIG esports organization that serves to nurture and develop new talent in the gaming world. Being part of the Academy represents an important step in a player’s career. From there, they might be promoted to the main team, just like Prosus.

Expectations From RigoN’s Induction To The Team

Now with RigoN as part of their Counter-Strike team, BIG is eager to step up their game. RigoN’s prior experiences, skills, and strategic ability as an entry fragger will likely contribute positively to the team’s performance. It is expected that RigoN’s inclusion will enhance the team’s strength and lead to better results in the future.


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