Riyadh Masters 2024: Exciting Event with Impressive Prize Pool

Jun 30, 2024 | 0 comments

Riyadh Masters 2024

The much-anticipated Riyadh Masters 2024 is set to commence shortly. This year’s competition is unique as it has partnered with the Esports World Cup. In addition, it is the closing tournament for the second season of the ESL Pro Tour.

Participating Teams and Prize Pool

This exciting tournament will host a total of 20 teams. Every team will compete fiercely for their share of the 5 million USD prize pool. The large sum of money up for grabs amounts to a significant incentive for the teams to perform at their best during the competition.

Tournament Winnings

Although the overall prize pool consists of a substantial 5 million USD, the team that emerges as the tournament winner will earn a smaller portion of this sum, which is 1.5 million USD. While this amount may seem less in comparison to the previous year’s Riyadh Masters champions, who took home the full 5 million USD, it is still a considerable sum of money. Therefore, it offers a substantial reward for the winning team.

Comparison with Previous Tournament

When you compare it with the last year’s event, there is a decrease in the prize money for the winning team. In the previous tournament, the winning team benefitted from the full 5 million USD prize pool. However, this significant decrease in prize money for this year’s champions should not discourage the competing teams. Despite the drop, the prize money for the current tournament still remains impressive and in the high range. Hence, it serves as a significant motivator for the teams to strive hard and perform at their best.

Conclusion on Riyadh Masters 2024

Anticipation is high for the Riyadh Masters 2024, with the added excitement of its affiliation with the Esports World Cup and its role as the final tournament for the ESL Pro Tour Season 2. The championship offers splendid rewards for the competing teams, despite a noticeable decrease in the winning prize from the previous year. However, the remaining prize money is still very substantial, and it is expected to spur the 20 teams to give their very best efforts and deliver an exciting competition.


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