T1 Suspends Player Streams Indefinitely Due to Ongoing DDos Attacks

Jun 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Player Streams Suspended by T1 Due to Continuous DDos Attacks

T1 reported today through an X tweet that player streams will have to cease without a clear end in sight, because of ongoing DDos attacks. These attacks have been a problem for roughly six months leading up to this resolution. Suspending the player streams disrupts the unwavering commitment of the athletes. For them, solo queuing is not a mere daily event, but an essential part of staying up-to-date with current trends in playstyles and a way to keep themselves in shape for vital competitions.

Nature of DDos Attacks

The prolonged and ruthless DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are an intrusion that targets websites and online services. The aim is to overwhelm them with more traffic than the server or network can accommodate. This often results in websites and services becoming unavailable, negatively affecting online activities, which includes player streams.

Player Streams as a Valuable Tool

The players’ ability to stream is a vital part of their routine, and even more so, their success. Streaming is not just about entertainment but also forms an integral part of the ways players prepare and get ready for important games. By spending time on the game even outside of tournaments, they can understand the current meta or effective playstyle. This continuous practice proves necessary in maintaining the best shape for upcoming and important clashes on the field.

Effects of Sudden Suspension

The sudden pause of player streams is a significant obstacle to their dedication. The suspension of these streams can also provide a challenge regarding keeping themselves updated with the ever-changing gaming trends. However, this pause does not mean the end of their practice or learning. They will need to come up with alternative plans to stay relevant and continue to grow as players, despite the ongoing intrusion affecting their routine.

Looking Forward

While the decision to pause player streams is challenging, it’s essential to note that it’s also necessary to maintain the safety and ease of operations on the internet. T1 is yet to provide any specific details regarding when the streams will be active again, or what the next steps might look like for their players during this period. The event emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity in our increasingly interconnected society and the gaming industry. It sets a precedent that constant vigilance against such attacks is integral today, considering the harms they cause.


To summarize, prolonged, continuous DDos attacks have led T1 to announce, through a tweet, an indefinite suspension of player streams. Although this disrupts an integral part of the players’ preparation ritual, efforts will be made to find alternative plans and ways to stay ahead in the game. This event brings to the forefront the necessity of cybersecurity in preserving online practices, especially in sectors like the gaming industry. The next steps from T1 and their players are anticipated as they navigate these challenging circumstances.


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