The Clash of Titans: 100 Thieves Prevail Over Paper Rex in Intense VCT Masters Shanghai Showdown

Jun 3, 2024 | 0 comments

Match Recap

During the second round of the lower bracket at VCT Masters Shanghai, an intense competition took place between Paper Rex and 100 Thieves. Both teams displayed immense determination and skill as they fought to stay in the competition. After three exciting maps, 100 Thieves secured their victory and Paper Rex were eliminated from the competition.

Paper Rex’s Tournament Experience

Paper Rex’s performance in the tournament had seen significant ups and downs, like a rollercoaster ride. They started the competition quite strong, but faced a bump in the road when they were moved to the Lower Bracket. Despite this setback, they put up a strong fight and battled their way through the initial rounds. Their determination and willpower were apparent as they won numerous clutch situations against their opponents.

The Showdown with 100 Thieves

During the second round of the lower bracket, the decisive match between Paper Rex and 100 Thieves happened. Both teams displayed their strategic skills and came into the competition with all guns blazing. Paper Rex fought hard, showing excellent team coordination and individual brilliance at several moments during the game. However, 100 Thieves proved too strong, strategically outmaneuvering Paper Rex and winning crucial rounds.

Aftermath of the Match

At the end of the nerve-racking 3-map series, 100 Thieves took the victory, resulting in Paper Rex being sent home. The head-to-head series was an impressive display of skill and strategy from both sides, and was undoubtedly thrilling to watch for all esports enthusiasts. Despite Paper Rex’s early elimination, they left the tournament having made an impression with their skills and determination. On the other hand, 100 Thieves advanced further into the competition with renewed vigor and confidence after this hard-fought victory.


While they both gave their all, 100 Thieves managed to emerge as victors in the end. Paper Rex’s journey at VCT Masters Shanghai ended sooner than they would have liked, but they displayed moments of brilliance throughout the series that won’t be forgotten. The match was a perfect example of the gripping unpredictability that comes with esports, where strategy and skill can truly make or break your journey. The excitement continues as 100 Thieves advance in the tournament and fans eagerly await the outcomes of the upcoming matches.


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