The Pricey Ahri Skin: A League of Legends Community Uprising

Jun 15, 2024 | 0 comments

The Ahri Skin Controversy in “League of Legends”

Recently, the release of a new character skin in the esteemed video game “League of Legends” has triggered a strong backlash within the community. This is caused by the heavy price tag on the “Immortalized Legend Ahri” skin. As the latest modification for the character Ahri, the revamp was made to honor the famous esports player, Faker. The developers at Riot Games publicly recognized Faker’s contributions to the game through their esteemed Hall of Legends. However, the cost to own this skin has led to a significant amount of criticism and even in-game protests. The reaction was instantaneous from the moment the skin was announced, leading to a noticeable increase in the ban rate of Ahri across ranked games.

The $500 Ahri Skin

Character skins in “League of Legends” usually serve as a form of customizing one’s character or champion. However, the recently release of the “Immortalized Legend Ahri” has deviated from the norm due to its hefty price tag. The skin, which can cost up to $500, has been perceived as excessively expensive by many gamers.

Commotion within the gaming community

The high price of the new Ahri skin has stirred widespread controversy within the “League of Legends” community. Many players believe that no character skin should warrant such a high cost, regardless of the significance behind its creation. The outrage has even sparked a form of in-game protest that is rather unique in nature. This consists of the increase in banning Ahri during ranked games.

In-game protests through banning Ahri

In a clear manifestation of dissatisfaction, many players of “League of Legends” are choosing to ban Ahri in ranked games, in a bid to protest against the exorbitant price of the new skin. Opting to ban Ahri precludes anyone from playing her, which is a significant form of protest in the gaming world. By doing so, it represents a message to the game developers expressing the collective dissatisfaction of the community over this issue.

Final Thoughts

It remains to be seen how Riot Games, the developer behind “League of Legends,” will respond to the unfolding events. It’s clear that a sizable chunk of their community is not happy with the price of the “Immortalized Legend Ahri” skin. Regardless of the reasons for the price tag, a community-driven protest in the form of increased bans for the character Ahri is sending a strong message. The controversy serves as a noteworthy event in the gaming world, highlighting the importance of game developers being in touch with their community’s feelings and concerns. Moving forward, Riot Games may need to reconsider their pricing strategy to maintain a positive relationship with their community.


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