Unforeseen Split: Thomas Utting Parts Ways with 5W Gaming Amid Controversy

Jun 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Thomas Utting Reveals Unforeseen Split with 5W Gaming

In an unexpected development, Thomas “Thomas” Utting has revealed that his organization, known as 5W Gaming, has abruptly discontinued its relationships with all its players. Thomas claimed that the organization, which is based in India, reportedly tricked them after a month of serious commitment. The company allegedly paid several players upfront so as to lock them into contracts, then suddenly fell off the radar and released their General Manager.

5W Gaming is a rather new esports organization that is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The organization was instrumental in signing up an international team, which included Thomas. Despite the initial optimism and the promise of a robust contract, things went awry as per Thomas’ disclosure.

Alleged Betrayal by 5W Gaming

The split between Thomas and 5W Gaming is indeed a shocking incident, chiefly because of the manner in which it occurred. Thomas shared that after a month of laborious exertion, the players were left hanging by the organization. Not just the players, but the General Manager was also shown the door, all of a sudden without any prior hint or explanation.

What added to the gross maltreatment was the method by which the organization had secured its team. 5W Gaming paid several players advance payments as part of their contract agreements. This move was generally interpreted as a guarantee of security and commitment from the organization towards its team. But ultimately, it ended up with the organization disappearing and ceasing all communication.

Aftermath of the Split

The abrupt departure of 5W Gaming has left the players and the General Manager in a limbo. They have been left without any indication of the reasons behind the sudden split. The lack of proper communication from the organization has intensified the predicament of the team. Thus, matters that require immediate attention like the payment of pending dues, the status of the contracts, and the future prospects of the players all have remained unresolved.

The situation has also led to a wave of speculation and curiosity in the esports fraternity. It is indeed unusual for a gaming organization to suddenly cut ties without a proper explanation or formal notice. The incident could potentially serve as a cautionary tale for players when signing contracts with relatively new organizations.

When the news broke out, it stirred up concern among the public and fellow esports organizations. The sudden desertion by 5W Gaming was seen as a concerning incident. It stands as a stark example of the potential pitfalls faced by players in the esports industry, albeit it is hoped to be a rarity.

The abruptness of the split and the lack of communication from 5W Gaming may see corrective measures being discussed in the industry. There needs to be more transparency and clarity, particularly when it comes to contracts and the rights of individual players.

As of now, Thomas and his team are left grappling with the after-effects of the split. Their future in the esports industry remains uncertain. The abrupt discontinuation of ties by 5W Gaming stands as a grim reminder of the potential volatility in the esports industry.


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