Virtus.Pro Shakes Up Leadership with New Head Coach Signing

Jun 3, 2024 | 0 comments

Virtus.Pro Makes Leadership Change

Virtus.Pro, the prominent esports organization, has made a drastic change in their leadership team. The team has signed Andrey “XomA” Mironenko as the head coach. This change comes after the previous head coach, Dastan “dastan” Akbayev, was released from his duties owing to inconsistent performances, particularly with player Denis “electroNic” Sharipov.

You might be wondering, “What led to this sudden change?” It seems that management was dissatisfied with Dastan’s coaching style, resulting in a series of irregular results that may have put the team’s championship hopes in jeopardy. Many fans and industry insiders have speculated that the switch to a new coach may bring a fresh perspective and potentially improve the team’s performance. However, only time will truly tell if this decision will pay off.

Expectations from XomA

There are already high hopes for Mironenko, who is set to debut as head coach during the player break on June 17. Many in the industry believe that under XomA’s leadership, the team might be able to turn things around and revive their competitive edge. But the transition might not be seamless. After the announcement of his appointment, many are waiting eagerly to see how XomA will handle his new role and whether the team can adapt to his coaching style.

BLAST Premier Spring Final

Before XomA fully steps into his new role, the team has another challenge to face. The team has a crucial tournament on the horizon – the BLAST Premier Spring Final. Pavel “PASHANOJ” Legostaev, will be accompanying the team to London temporarily for this event. As a crucial part of the Virtus.Pro team, PASHANOJ’s role is expected to be important in this key tournament.

However, this isn’t a permanent fixture. Once XomA takes over as the head coach, he will be in charge of the team and will be overseeing all further tournaments and competitions. BLAST Premier Spring Final will act as a strong litmus test for the team before the reins of leadership are handed over to XomA.

Looking Forward

These are certainly exciting, and somewhat uncertain, times for Virtus.Pro and their fans. It will be interesting to see how the team adjusts to new guidance and leadership. On one hand, the team is currently dealing with the departure of a coach due to inconsistent results; on the other, they are about to start a new journey with an experienced coach who is expected to bring fresh insights and game strategies. As an esports organization that has seen its fair share of victories and defeats, Virtus.Pro would undoubtedly be hoping that this change in leadership proves to be beneficial for their future prospects.


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