M80 vs Virtus.pro

14/02/2024 - 8:00 pm UTC


Six Invitational 2024 – Group Stage - Group C

Best of 3



Match Details

Experience the intensity of Rainbow 6 Siege at the Six Invitational 2024. As part of the tournament's Group Stage - Group C, the match-up between M80 and Virtus.pro is a electrifying display of strategy, skill and teamwork. Viewers can expect nothing less than the highest calibre of gameplay as these two acclaimed teams show off their elite mastery of this high-stakes tactical shooter game. Each round is a must-see as it's a Best of 3 format clash, guaranteeing edge-of-your-seat action from start to finish. Seeing strategy and skill collide, this match delineates the very pinnacle of Rainbow 6 Siege esports competition.


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