Drift Queens vs Los Angeles Signal

02/02/2024 - 5:45 pm UTC
Drift Queens

Drift Queens

Rocket League Championship Series 2024 - World Championship Major 1 SSA – Group Stage - Low

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Los Angeles Signal

Los Angeles Signal

Match Details

Experience a challenging face-off between two intriguing sides, Drift Queens and Los Angeles Signal, as they battle it out in the group stage - low phase of the Rocket League Championship Series 2024 - World Championship Major 1 SSA. This electrifying encounter is set to engage Rocket League fans worldwide, pushing the competitors to showcase their unique strategies and finesse in a best-of-five format. Will the Drift Queens secure another victory, or will the Los Angeles Signal dominate the Rocket League field this time? Regardless of the outcome, this match guarantees to deliver an unmissable spectacle of gaming prowess, highlighting the very finest talents within Rocket League esports scene. Prepare for a thrilling match filled with spectacular aerial stunts, lightning-fast redirects, and nail-biting, last-second goal attempts, all adding to the tension and thrill of this high-octane game.


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