The Evolution of Football eSports: FIFA Includes Rocket League in FIFAe World Cup

Jun 24, 2024 | 0 comments

FIFA’s Latest Announcement

FIFA recently made a public announcement stating that Rocket League, an indoor soccer videogame, will now be included in the FIFAe World Cup. This information was shared during the pre-show of Championship Sunday at the RLCS London Major. This inclusion has excited many football esports fans from all over the world who have been looking forward to an international Rocket League tournament of this magnitude.

Historical Context Behind The Decision

FIFA’s decision to include Rocket League in the tournament doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. This is due to the fact that the concept of an international Rocket League competition isn’t new. Back in 2019, the Intel World Open (IWO), a large scale globally supported event, announced the inclusion of Rocket League. The Rocket League was included in this competition and was made open to players from various countries. This move was seen as a step towards the recognition of esports in the mainstream sports industry. The success of the IWO made it clear that football esports, and Rocket League in particular, was ready to take the global stage.

Rocket League and eSports

Rocket League’s introduction to large-scale international gaming tournaments signals a significant change in the world of football esports. Esports are competitive video game competitions where players and teams face off online. Recently, they have begun to attract significant global attention, and the inclusion of Rocket League in the FIFAe World Cup demonstrates how much the esports industry has evolved. This evolution makes it clear that esports are becoming more recognized, legitimate, and relevant in the wider world of conventional sports. Football esports provides a new platform for players and enthusiasts to engage with their favorite game in a more digital and competitive format.

Effects on the Football eSports Industry

The FIFAe World Cup’s inclusion of Rocket League among its competitions may have a significant impact on the football esports industry. This action could likely attract more international participants and viewers, and it could lead to an increase in the overall popularity of football esports. As Rocket League gains more exposure and recognition through this competition, it will likely spur the growth of football esports on a global scale. The FIFAe World Cup’s move further solidifies the position of football esports in the global sports arena, paving the way for its continued growth and expansion. The FIFAe World Cup’s decision to include Rocket League also signals a possible trend towards more eSports competitions being included in traditional sports tournaments in the future.


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