Park Ryung-woo vs Max C

20/01/2024 - 3:00 pm UTC
Park Ryung-woo

Park Ryung-woo

WardiTV 2023 – Playoffs - Upper Bracket Semifinals

Best of 5

Max C

Max C

Match Details

Get ready for an intense showdown in the WardiTV 2023 playoffs! The upper bracket semifinals are here, and two formidable teams, Park Ryung-woo and Max C, are set to clash in a Best of 5 series. With their skills honed to perfection, these top-tier teams will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. Expect each game to be a rollercoaster ride filled with breathtaking plays, strategic maneuvers, and nail-biting moments. Who will outshine the other and secure their spot in the upper bracket finals? Tune in to witness the heart-pounding action as these esports powerhouses battle it out for glory in WardiTV 2023!


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