Trần Hồng Phúc vs Xiang Yao

11/04/2024 - 12:50 pm UTC
Trần Hồng Phúc

Trần Hồng Phúc

ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring: Asia – Group Stage - Round 1

Best of 3

Xiang Yao

Xiang Yao

Match Details

Coming up in the ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring: Asia tournament, Trần Hồng Phúc goes head to head against Xiang Yao in the Group Stage - Round 1. This Best of 3 match is sure to showcase intense StarCraft 2 gameplay as these players battle it out for a chance to advance in the tournament. Mark your calendars for 11/04/2024 to catch all the action live!


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