Medal Esports vs Carnival Gaming

07/02/2024 - 9:30 am UTC
Medal Esports

Medal Esports

2024 VALORANT Challengers: South Asia Split 1 – Round Robin - Week 2

Best of 3

Carnival Gaming

Carnival Gaming

Match Details

Witness an electrifying faceoff in the 2024 VALORANT Challengers: South Asia Split 1, Round Robin - Week 2. Medal Esports and Carnival Gaming take the stage in this intense feature match. With a format of Best of 3, every round matters and holds the potential to turn the tide. Medal Esports continues to display an immaculate understanding of strategic play, while Carnival Gaming has demonstrated time and again their knack for unpredictable, yet effective, tactics. Both teams are lauded for their exceptional VALORANT gameplay and skills. Get ready for a thrilling battle of wits and reflexes, showcasing the pinnacle of esports competition in South Asia.


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