SAW vs GTZ Esports

12/02/2024 - 9:00 pm UTC


2024 VALORANT Challengers Portugal: Tempest Split 1 – Round Robin - Round Robin

Best of 1

GTZ Esports

GTZ Esports

Match Details

Get ready for an epic showdown as SAW and GTZ Esports clash in the 2024 VALORANT Challengers Portugal: Tempest Split 1 tournament. Both teams will bring their A-game to the Round Robin stage in this Best of 1 match. Watch as they battle it out on the virtual battlefield, showcasing their skills, strategies, and teamwork. With everything on the line, who will emerge victorious and secure their spot in the later stages of the tournament? Tune in to this highly anticipated match on Juked and witness the excitement unfold as SAW and GTZ Esports go head-to-head in an intense battle for dominance. Don't miss this thrilling display of VALORANT talent and find out which team will come out on top!


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