SAW vs Hurricane Of Feathers

18/02/2024 - 7:00 pm UTC


2024 VALORANT Challengers Portugal: Tempest Split 1 – Round Robin - Round Robin

Best of 1

Hurricane Of Feathers

Hurricane Of Feathers

Match Details

Experience the thrill of competitive gaming with the 2024 VALORANT Challengers Portugal: Tempest Split 1. Currently in the heat of the Round Robin stage, team SAW and team Hurricane Of Feathers clash in a Best of 1 format game. The dynamic teams showcase impressive tactical skills and superior game knowledge in the exhilarating world of VALORANT. The match sees both teams battling it out to secure their rank in the prestigious Round Robin standings. Watch as each team maneuvers around the map, making strategic decisions regarding agent choices, skill usage, and economic management. This electrifying match epitomizes the excitement and intensity of the esports scene in Portugal. Immerse yourself in the action of this gripping match, representative of the tier of competition found in the VALORANT Challengers Portugal.


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