T1 vs Bleed eSports

17/02/2024 - 6:00 am UTC


2024 VALORANT Champions Tour: Pacific KICK-OFF – Group A - Group A

Best of 3

Bleed eSports

Bleed eSports

Match Details

Step into the explosive world of VALORANT as T1 and Bleed eSports square off in the heart-pumping 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour: Pacific KICK-OFF, Group A stage. Each team battles for supremacy and glory, pushing its tactical and strategic limits within VALORANT’s intense, unpredictable battleground. With Best of 3 format, this fierce duel guarantees a spectacle of precision and high-powered gameplay, as both teams grapple, maneuver, and vie for control. Strap in and prepare to witness a showdown of epic proportions, showcasing the best in VALORANT eSports, where skill and strategy intertwine, yielding a game-changing, electrifying showdown. Welcome to the arena of rivalry and resolution: This is T1 vs. Bleed eSports. Brace yourselves for an unforgettable eSports experience.


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