VX300 Gaming vs Outplayed

03/02/2024 - 6:00 pm UTC
VX300 Gaming

VX300 Gaming

2024 VALORANT Challengers Italy: Rinascimento Split 1 – Round Robin - Week 2

Best of 1



Match Details

In this exciting Round Robin - Week 2 match-up of the 2024 Valorant Challengers Italy: Rinascimento Split 1, welcome to the virtual arena as VX300 Gaming tests their skills against Outplayed. These titans of the esports world go head-to-head in a Best of 1 format, promising a fierce and fast-paced showdown that truly reflects the dynamic nature of Valorant. Each moment is packed with anticipation as every move could decide the game’s outcome. Don't miss out on this thrilling clash of strategy and talent exhibiting the very best that Valorant has to offer.


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